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3 itineraries, rich in stories and contents

SmartGuide offers three itineraries, the Cathedral, the Baptistery and the Diocesan Museum, with nearly 2 hours of multimedial contents that explain the beauty and the architectural, artistic and religious features of Piazza Duomo Parma, for an even more engaging and involving experience.

It’s fun and easy to use

Visiting the sites has never been so easy: the interactive map takes visitors on the discovery of stories, anecdotes and further multimedia information that can be accessed with a simple click.

Multi-language, comprehensive and free!

SmartGuide is available in 4 languages (ITA, DEU, FRA, ENG) at no extra cost with an admission ticket to the Baptistery and the Diocesan Museum, while for the Cathedral, to which admission is free, the hire price is 2 Euros.
It comes with a convenient shoulder-strap carrying case and sanitized disposable headphones.

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