Entrances and exits of the buildings

Ticket Office

The ticket office is located in the entrance of the “Benedetto Antelami” Diocesan Museum, Vicolo del Vescovado 3/a. The visit permit is needed for admission to the Baptistery and to the “Benedetto Antelami” Diocesan Museum.

Cathedral entrance and exit

Entrance for visitors (individuals and groups) is from the left portal looking at the façade from Piazza Duomo.

Baptistery entrance and exit

The entrance for visitors (individuals and groups) is located in the central portal overlooking Piazza Duomo.

“Benedetto Antelami” Diocesan Museum entrance and exit

Entrance for visitors (individuals and groups) is located north-west of Piazza Duomo, at Vicolo del Vescovado 3/A.

Staff will indicate alternative access to the Piazza Duomo buildings when main entrance is temporarily closed.

Access for differently abled visitors

The Cathedral and the Baptistery of Parma have been built over centuries and are of worldwide historical and artistic significance, but they have limitations as far as the use of their spaces by people with motor disabilities is concerned. Some areas are currently not accessible, even though specific solutions for people with motor disabilities are being planned.

People in wheelchairs or with difficulties walking can access the Cathedral through the ramp to the side of the unfinished tower north of the Cathedral (on the left, looking at the façade from Piazza Duomo). Almost all areas of the Cathedral are accessible to differently-abled visitors: the church square and the aisles do not present obstacles to a visit, while the lateral chapels, the transept, the apse and the sacristy are separated from the rest of the church by steps that make access with a wheelchair impossible. Access to the crypt of the Cathedral can also be gained via the lift in the chapel of the north transept; if you require lift access, please let the staff know.

It is possible to view the outside of the Baptistery with no obstacles in the way, and accessible inside via a ramp positioned at the South Portal.

The Diocesan Museum is accessible, with the exception of a very small section, through the use of an elevator.

Visitors with physical disabilities have priority and can access the buildings and exhibition areas without having to queue. Visitors with disabilities are entitled to a free ticket for themselves and an accompanying person.

Wheelchair-accessible toilet facilities are located inside the Diocesan Museum. To use it, please contact the museum staff.

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