Guided tours activities

The list of professional tourist guides of Parma is available on the official tourism website of Parma, at the link:

The Guides speak several languages. Rates of the visits are decided independently and individually.


Museum Services


Visitors can discover the art and the millennial history of the Piazza Duomo accompanied by specialists in the history of art and archeology.

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ArcheoVea Impresa Culturale Srl
Tel. +39 353 4337984



Special Projects


I “tesori di Piazza Duomo”
Revealing the “Presence” in the places of faith in Piazza Duomo and beyond …

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By Ufficio Pastorale del Turismo – Diocesi di Parma
Tel. 0521-380507


Creatures of water from heaven and earth, the zoophore of the Baptistery of Parma through children’s drawings.
A laboratory to paint, draw, cut out, know and protect.

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By Monica Monachesi