For any questions about the buildings of Piazza Duomo, please write to info@piazzaduomoparma.com and we will contact you with the necessary information.

Here are some answers to frequent questions.

Why do we pay to visit the Cathedral and the Baptistery?

Access to the Cathedral for religious worship and to the Baptistery on the occasion of religious ceremonies is always free.

Visitors and tourists are asked for a mandatory donation because it is mainly through these revenues that it is possible to meet the maintenance costs of the Piazza Duomo buildings. In the past, regular restoration and maintenance of the buildings and furnishings were financed by local patronage, aristocratic families and benefactors. Today public financing, though very important, is not sufficient to cover all maintenance and managements costs of the buildings.  Therefore the entrance donation represents an important contribution to the maintenance of the historical-artistic buildings of Piazza Duomo and by making it visitors become modern-day patrons.

Are we allowed to take photos or videos?

Visitors and tourists may take photos and videos in the Cathedral buildings, but the use of flash photography, tripods and professional equipment is not permitted.

Those requiring the use of professional equipment must seek permission by writing to info@piazzaduomoparma.com, explaining the reasons for the request.

Is there an information office near Piazza Duomo?

The nearest Tourist Information Offices to Piazza Duomo are:

  • Parma Point, Via Garibaldi no.18
  • Tourist Information Office of the Municipality of Parma, Piazza Garibaldi no. 1